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Getting Married in Cancun FAQs

Q. Do I qualify for any of our Wedding Packages/Collections if I do not stay at any of your wedding resorts (Beach Palace, Cancun Palace, Sun Palace, Moon Palace, Aventura Spa Palace, Aventura Cove Palace, Cozumel Palace, Moon Palace Casino, Golf and Spa Resort, Isla Mujeres Palace, Playacar Palace, and Vallarta Palace)?

A. No. Our Wedding Packages are extended exclusively to the couples that reside at one of our wedding resorts at Palace Resorts and fulfill the package requirements.

Q. Do you offer any Complimentary Vow Renewal Packages?

A. Yes. Palace Resorts offers symbolic wedding ceremonies.

Reserving a Wedding Ceremony

Q. How can I reserve my wedding ceremony?

A. A wedding reservation request form must be completed with all required information. You can fill out our wedding reservation form in order to start your booking process right away.

Q. Will I be contacted once I submit the reservation request form?

A. Yes. Once your form has been submitted, you will receive a written confirmation via email usually within 24-48 business hours. Symbolic ceremonies may take approximately 72 business hours to confirm. If you are not contacted within this time period, please feel free to contact us directly to 1-800-346-8225


Q. If I obtain the Amber, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst Rose, Emerald, or Diamond Collections is a deposit payment required immediately?.

A. A 50% deposit will be required 14 days after ceremony has been confirmed. The final payment will be due 30 days prior to the wedding date.

Q. When should payment on all Optional Services be made?

A. Optional Services are paid at the resort during your initial interview with your onsite wedding planner. The only optional services that must be reserved at least 60 days prior to the wedding date is if you are interested in purchasing are the private functions, religious ceremony or a live band.

Dinner & Menus

Q. Are we able to reserve the restaurant area for our included wedding dinner prior to our arrival?

A. Upon the interview with the onsite wedding planner, the couple will receive a list of all restaurants and times which are available for their wedding dinner.

Q. What if I have more than the guests covered by the wedding collection, can I still have my wedding dinner at one of the restaurants?

A. No. the maximum number of guests that we can accommodate at the Aventura Spa Palace, Aventura Cove Palace, Moon Palace Golf & Spa, Cozumel Palace, Isla Mujeres Palace and Playacar Palace Resorts is 35 guests. At Vallarta Palace and Beach Palace 25 guests is the maximum. Sun Palace can accommodate 15 guests at restaurant area. If you are planning a wedding where more guests may attend, a private function must be purchased (Pricing is available upon request)

Q. What locations can I choose to host my private function dinner if I choose to purchase one?

A. Private functions are held at our Ballroom or Terrace Areas. Locations vary according to the resort.

Q. Can all available menus be served in either the Ballroom or Terrace areas?

A. In the terrace area, we are able to accommodate buffet and cocktail menus. In our Ballroom areas any menu can be served included plated dinners.

General Wedding Ceremony Questions

Q. Is the ceremony performed in English or Spanish?

A. The legal ceremony is be performed in English with the exception of Isla Mujeres Palace, Playacar Palace, Cozumel Palace and Vallarta Palace where ceremonies are only performed in Spanish.

Q. Can we have the ceremony performed on the beach?

A. Yes, Moon Palace Golf & Spa, Cancun Palace, Beach Palace, Sun Palace, Isla Mujeres Palace and Vallarta Palace Resorts perform ceremonies on the beach.

Q. Would I be able to ship my wedding dress among some wedding favors to the resort?

A. Unfortunately, Palace Resorts no longer allows packages to be shipped directly to the property.

Q. Are their any optional services that must be reserved prior to our arrival to Palace Resorts?

A.Yes. If interested in purchasing a live band, religious ceremony, minister, tuxedo or a private dinner function please contact your wedding planner at least 70 days prior so she can confirm these services.

Q. Will the onsite wedding planner contact me prior to my arrival at the resort?

A. Yes. You will be contacted by your onsite wedding planner approximately 70 days prior to your wedding ceremony.

Q. Do you offer more flower selections than the ones provided on your website?

A. Absolutely. Your onsite wedding planner will present you with an album that includes all bouquet & boutonnieres floral options at the resort.

Q. If I have guests who want to attend the wedding, but will not be staying at a Palace Resort property, can they still attend the wedding?

A. Yes. However, guests not staying at any Palace Resorts must purchase a wedding pass upon their arrival to the resort. Wedding passes are guaranteed for purchase only on the ceremony date. *Please contact your wedding sales coordinator for current wedding pass restrictions.

Q. I am getting married at Aventura Spa Palace/Sun Palace, can I have my niece whom is 17 attend the ceremony? Will the resort make an exception?

A. Due to the strict rules and regulations that govern the Aventura Spa Palace/Sun Palace both adult inclusive resorts, we are not able to make any exceptions. All guests must be 18 years or older.

Q. Will our marriage certificate be issued in English or Spanish?

A. The Marriage Certificate is issued in Spanish. You must register the marriage certificate with your nearest court. Contact your local courthouse for more information.

Wedding Requirements

Q. How long would the couple be required to arrive in order for their ceremony to take place?

A. For civil and religious ceremonies performed at the Moon Palace,Aventura Spa Palace, Aventura Cove Palace, Playacar Palace,Playacar Palace,Beach Palace,Sun Palace,Cancun Palace,and Isla Mujeres Palace,3 business days prior to ceremony date are required (Monday-Saturday). For civil and religious ceremonies performed at the Cozumel Palace,and Vallarta Palace, 4 business days prior to the ceremony are required. Holidays do not apply.

Q. What is the latest time I can arrive to the resort in order for my 3-business day/4-business day requirement to be fulfilled?

A. Couples must arrive at the resort by 12:00 noon on a business day in order for it to be considered as the first day.

Q. Are the civil/legal weddings performed at Palace Resorts legal in the United States?

A. Yes. Civil weddings performed in Mexico are legal in the United States. Please contact your nearest courthouse in order to find out more information on registering your marriage certificate and whether or not your state requires translation of the marriage certificate.

Q. Is a marriage certificate provided by Mexico?

A. A Marriage certificate is provided by the State of Quintana Roo/Vallarta Nayarit, Mexico for civil ceremonies. This is a legal document issued in Spanish. All wedding couples must contact their local court house in order to obtain filing requirements. Every state/country is different when it comes to the filing of a foreign documents. Some states/countries require the certificate to be translated from Spanish to English others may require additional paper work to be filed. This is the couples' responsibility and Palace Resorts is not liable for any additional charges that may be associated according to the state/country requesting supplementary paperwork.

Q. Do we need to have a passport and birth certificate in order to get married in Mexico?

A. Yes. Both documents are required for a legal/civil ceremony. Passports are mandatory for travel. Couples are also required to obtain a certified copy of their Birth Certificates. All documents with exception of the passports become property of Mexico.

Q. If my name is different from the passport and birth certificate will this present a problem?

A. Yes. All names must be exactly the same, including middle names.

Q. Is there any additional documentation required when performing a wedding ceremony at Palace Resorts?

A.Yes. A Tourist Id is required by the Mexican Government; you will automatically obtain this upon arrival at the Cancun Airport/Nuevo Vallarta Airport. In addition if either bride or groom have ever been divorced, widowed, had a name change or are adopted an original or certificated copy of the document is required.

Q. If I am a Mexican Citizen wanting to civilly marry a foreigner, will I require additional documentation?

A. Yes. Both bride and groom must arrive to the resort 20 business days prior to ceremony date. Foreigners' would proceed towards the Immigration Department to obtain all the necessary documents when civilly marrying a Mexican Citizen. Please contact your assigned wedding coordinator to obtain the required documents that must be presented. If adequate documentation is not provided, it may result in the cancellation of the civil ceremony.

Q. Can I contact the Immigration Department directly prior to our arrival?

A. Yes. You can contact them at 011-52-998-884-1658.

Q. Is there an out of pocket fee for the Complimentary Wedding Package?

A. The Complimentary Package can be obtained with a civil or a symbolic ceremony. The symbolic ceremony has no additional fees associated. The civil/legal ceremony requires a $500.00 USD Government/Administrative fee applies for the Moon Palace Punta Cana Resort.

Q. What are the qualifications in order to apply for the Complimentary Wedding Package?

A. The wedding couple must pay for their stay, would be required to arrive 3/4 business days prior to the wedding date, and must reside in the resort where their ceremony is taking place.

Q. I was divorced less than one year ago. Can I get civilly get married in Mexico?

A. Yes. However, a mandatory pregnancy test must be taken. If positive, the ceremony will not be performed. No Exceptions.

Q. What diseases do you test for?

A. Tests are to determine blood type and test for HIV, Syphilis, and Gonorrhea.

Q. Can I have a doctor perform the blood test in my country and take the results to the resort?

A. No. Blood tests must be taken in Mexico 3-4 business days prior to the civil ceremony.

Q. Will I be able to perform the wedding ceremony if one of the tests came back positive?

A. No. Under the Mexican Constitution, couples that test positive will not be able to civilly wed in Mexico.

Q. Will the judge perform the wedding ceremony if all documents are not in order? Are there exceptions?

A. No. The judge is employed by the Mexican Civil Registry Department and all documents must be in order. No Exceptions will be made. Please verify all documentation before departure.

Q. Do we mail documents before we arrive?

A. No. Documents must be hand carried and presented to the wedding coordinator during the time of your interview. Only for the Cozumel Palace would a couple have to fax all documents to (305) 421-1608 at least 30 days prior to their arrival.

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